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WiFi White Elephant: Hosting Your Own Online Gift Exchange & What to Give


With in-person holiday parties and get-togethers a no-go this year, Latitude thought it might be fun to adapt the traditional White Elephant gift-giving event into something you can enjoy from afar. Check out our guide to exchanging goofy-yet-desirable gifts with your crew online, as well as a few items we think would work perfect over this medium.

What are the Ins & Outs of a White Elephant Gift Exchange?

Traditionally, a group of people would wrap and pile their contributions on a table and then take turns grabbing a gift to unwrap. As each person takes their turn, they have the option to steal a gift that’s already been unwrapped, but an item can only be stolen a limited number of times, to keep the game moving. The game is over when everyone has a gift.

How Do We Do it Virtually?

Instruct your group to follow the same basic concept as in the original version. Set a budget and then ask each person to buy a gift they think is funny but cool or useful. Everyone should still wrap their gifts. When you meet for your White Elephant exchange, each person will hold up their wrapped gift, and then, as turns are taken, players can select the gift they want, opened or unopened. When the game is over, the givers will mail their gift to the appropriate person.

But How to Keep Track?

It’s true, this version can quickly become complicated. As the host, it’s your duty to keep track of who ended up with what. You may also want to begin the game by instructing players to draw numbers to determine who will go in what order. Keep a notebook at your side to track all this vital information.

What Should I Give?

This is the fun part! Archie McPhee was made for these kinds of gift exchanges. Shop here for a windshield sunshade that makes it look like your car is filled with house cats or bees. This is also the place to pick up a desktop drum set or a zombie horse mask. Kikkerland is another online option for eclectic gifts people love to get. Check out the Bird-shaped Bike Multi Tool or Multi Function Hammer Tool with Pouch.

Or you could buy your gift right here in Lincoln. Try RebelBean coffee roaster for a useful gift or Licorice International (on 7th Street, just six blocks away from Latitude) in the Haymarket District for the largest selection of licorice in the U.S. For upscale clothing and home goods at decent prices, visit Stella Collective, or for trendy fashion accessories, try Madida on N. 14th.

Happy Holidays 2020 – From Us to You!

For more tips on where to shop right here in Lincoln, visit the Latitude Neighborhood page.


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