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A young woman sitting on a sled and laughing as another woman tries to push her.

It's Snow Season! Check Out the 3 Best Sledding Spots in Lincoln


There’s no season like snow season – especially if you love to sled! Fortunately, Lincoln has its fair share of epic sledding spots. Check out the three best sledding hills in town, courtesy of your friends at LATITUDE. And remember to play safe. If you’ve already got a snow sports helmet, there’s no shame in taking a little extra precaution.

Pioneers Park

A local favorite on the southwest side of town, Pioneers Park is famous for its built-in ramps to help sledders build up speed before heading down the hill. The unique feature earned this sledding destination a spot on Trip to Discover’s list of the 12 Best Places to Go Sledding in the U.S. The hill isn’t especially steep, but if you get going, the ride can last 20 to 30 seconds. It is a popular spot for families, though, so evening visits might be a good way to avoid the crowds.

Holmes Lake

Sledding at Holmes Lake is another great option. On the north side of the lake, there’s a two-sided ridge that has great sledding. On the lake side, it leads right into the water, so this is best avoided unless the lake is frozen. The rest of the hill is fair game though, and the sled run is about a quarter-mile wide, so there’s enough room that dozens of people can sled it at the same time. This is a great spot for racing your friends! Check out this cool video about it.

Tanker Hill

This one is a bit of an insiders’ secret. Located on the northwest end of Arnold Heights Park, off Northwest 48th Street, Tanker Hill is smooth and steep. It also has its share of challenges – there’s a fence at the bottom that it’s best to avoid, and the hike back up can be long and arduous, but this is an ideal spot for an epic ride that’s long, fast, and fun.

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