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Woman watering a houseplant sitting on window sill with a pitcher of water.

Add Some Green to Your Scene: 3 Plants Perfect for Your Apartment & Where to Find Them


There’s no better way to brighten your personal space than with a few well-placed houseplants. Not only do plants add a touch of beauty and vibrancy, studies have shown that having more plants in your life can help reduce stress and improve focus – benefits that might help you do well in school. Whether you’re a budding green thumb in search of a new friend or the closest you’ve ever come to owning a plant is the container of salad greens in your refrigerator, LATITUDE has the perfect houseplant for you!

Spider Plant

This easy-to-care-for houseplant offers a lot to love. Its long, grass-like leaves have a bright green appearance that brings a lush splash of life to your study space. And with continued care and the right level of attention, the spider plant will reward you first with pretty little white flowers, followed by “spiderettes” – dangling clumps of seedlings that can be detached from the mother and planted in their own pots. These new baby plants are great to give as gifts, making the spider plant an excellent addition to any home! Best of all, spider plants aren’t interested in direct sunlight, so it’s easy to find a spot in your home without giving up valuable sun-exposed real estate. Be sure to place yours in well-draining potting soil and a planter with prominent drainage holes. House of Flowers on Van Dorn Street is a great place to pick up your own.  

Aloe Vera

Not only is this pretty succulent rugged and easy to grow, but its juice is just the thing to soothe sunburned skin. Just tear off a leaf, dab the gooey liquid onto your skin, and rub it in. Choose a terra-cotta pot for your new plant buddy, and find a place with plenty of indirect sunlight – a bright spot in your place where the sun won’t shine right on it. Urban Trail Gardens, just a five-minute drive from LATITUDE, is a great place to pick up an aloe vera plant and check out the other succulents and cacti they have on hand.  

Ponytail Palm

This aptly named houseplant has a fun shape and lots of confetti-like leaves that spill out wildly from its trunk. It’s hardy like the aloe but also has a lushness that adds to the playful aesthetic of your apartment. But don’t let its complexities fool you – this plant is easy to care for and resilient. It loves plenty of direct sunlight, but it’s so easygoing it will be perfectly fine if you just sprinkle in a little direct light here and there. Say, by placing it outdoors during the summer months, before bringing it in during the winter. Like the aloe, the ponytail is also a succulent, so you should go with a terra-cotta or other absorbent pot and allow the soil to dry out completely between waterings. Campbell’s Garden Shop on South 40th is the perfect place to pick one of these up.

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