Start your Journey

Some students are content with being told where to go. What to be. All they want is to plug their destination into a GPS and have a weird lady robot voice tell them exactly how to get there. Others know that the journey defines the destination, not the other way around. They realize they’ve been following the same path since they were six years old and and are ready to start blazing their own trail. The question is, which are you?

Find Your Bearings

Located only a few blocks from both campus and downtown, Latitude keeps you at the center of student life while giving you the freedom to discover Lincoln on your own terms. Our active student community and unique common spaces give you the opportunity to explore every aspect of college life, all within a few steps from your bedroom door. Whether you’re mapping out your major or plotting your weekend, Latitude lets you be your own guide.

Chart Your Course

Just because life is a journey doesn’t mean it has to be a hard one. With an on-site game room, pool, sauna and private courtyard, Latitude gives you all the comforts of home–assuming your home is a mansion. If it isn’t, then good news: it gives you a whole lot more. And our new, smartphone enabled security and billing systems keeps your parents in the loop and out of your hair.

So get started- the journey’s waiting.

Discover Your Latitude.
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